How To Import Database SQLite From Excel File

How To Import Database SQLite From Excel File

Hello friends, in this post I will discuss about how to import SQLite database from Excel file with extension .CSV. Before that I have prepared an excel file with some data in it

After that, open the Mozilla Firefox browser type sqlite manager firefox in the search field, then add the add-ons named SQLite Manager.

Wait until the installation process is complete. When finished, click the Tools menu, it will appear a new sub menu SQLite Manager. click that sub menu, it will appear SQLite Manager dialog box.

Then click the Database menu, then select New Database. Enter the name of your database and specify the storage location. Next, click the Import button on the toolbar

then click the Select File button and select the Excel file you have set up and check the "first row contains column names" checkbox as shown below

Click Ok, then specify table name, column name and data type

When done, you can see the results as shown below

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