How To Create Installer Visual Studio


Hello friends, in this post I will explain how to create an installation file (Installer) in the project that we have created using Visual Studio.

And here, I recommend an application that we will use in creating an installer file called "Setup2Go". Okay, we start, first open Setup2Go, the display will appear as shown below, then select "Create a New Project using the Project Wizard"

then it will appear a form, and fill it according to your needs. then click "Next"

then find and select the "debug" folder in your project. click "Next", then click "Finish"

When finished, the display will appear as shown below

On each tab, enter all the completeness you need in your application.

On the first tab, same as before that contains general information. In the "setup settings" tab and "Requirements" we skip because in general the rules are appropriate. Now we go to the "Files" tab

In this tab we will enter the files needed by the application. right click on empty area, then select "Insert File (s)" then select all required files then click "Open".

After that, we move on the "Shortcut" tab. then right-click the folder "Application Shortcut Folder" and select "New Shortcut"

then a form will appear, and select the file with extension (.exe) then click "OK".

After that, a form will appear again, and complete it according to your needs then click "OK"

Up here, we have finished creating shortcuts on the Start Menu. Do the same if you want to add a shortcut on the Desktop and Taskbar (Quick Launch).

Now we go directly to the "setup" tab. in the first part, specify the location / folder setup file that we will create. the second part give the name of the setup file, the third add the icon if you have and finally you can also add the password in your setup file. When done, click "Build" then wait for the process to complete.

For more details, please watch the video below

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