How To Install iReport In Netbeans

How To Install iReport In Netbeans

Hello friends, this post I will be going to discuss about how to add iReport plugin in Netbeans. iReport is a tool that we can use to create reports and usually iReport is made in Java programming language and Open Source, so we are free to use and do not need to buy license to develop it.

Previously you need to download iReport first and adjust to the version of Netbeans you use

Download iReport Netbeans

After you download, extract all the files in one folder, then open Netbeans then click menu Tools and select Plugins, then the dialog box will appear as shown below

Then, select the Downloaded tab and click the Add Plugins button, then enter all the extracted files. then click Install button

After the install is complete, restart Netbeans and you will see a new button in the Toolbar as shown below.

Up here, you can already create reports using iReport.
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