How To Create Installer In Netbeans

How To Create Installer In Netbeans


Hello guys, in this post I will discuss about how to create an installer file from project we have created using Netbeans. The application that we will use is Inno Setup if you do not have, please download first.

If you have already downloaded and installed, open the Netbeans project you want to make the installer file. Then select your project and click Clean and Build Project as shown below

Wait for the process to finish. When finished, open your project folder in Windows Explorer there you will see a new folder with the name dist. Put all the files / folders supporting your project into the folder.

When done, open Inno Setup and select Create a new script file using the Script Wizard and click OK

After click Next until the image appears below and fill in accordance with your needs then click Next

Then, click Next until you find the view as below

In the picture above you will enter the file and folder of your project. The first click the Browse button, then enter into the dist folder, then in the file type change to All Files. Then it will appear a file with JAR type. Select the file and click OK.

After that, click Add folder button under browse button. Then search and select dist folder then click OK then click YES (if confirm message appears).

Up here we have filled the important part of the project. then click Next button

Then, there will be fields that you can fill according to your needs, to the stage to enter the output location, name, icon and password of your application. as shown below.

Click Next → Finish then click Compile

Wait until the compile is complete. When it's done, your project output can be found in the storage location that you have filled in before.

For more details, please watch the video below

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