How To Change Windows 7 Animation When Booting

How To Change Windows 7 Animation When Booting

Hello guys, this post is about Windows 7. Windows 7 is an Operating System made by Microsoft which until now still many who use it.

In this post I will show a tips on how to change the animation in Windows 7 at boot time. Approximately looks like the picture below

Okey, first you need to download the application we will use named Windows 7 Boot Updater. After you download, open the app and more or less the initial appearance like this

Here are two ways to change the Windows 7 animation.
  1. Use a .bs7 file, which is a work packaged into a single file
  2. Use the images we have prepared in one folder.
For the first way, you need to download the file with extension .bs7, if you have click Menu File and then select Load boot skin and choose your file and click OPEN

Now for the second way you need to prepare the pictures that will appear. For example here I will display the arrangement of letters, and I have prepared the images in one folder.

How? click ComboBox Animation then select Animation, then locate your folder then click Select Folder button.

You can also replace Starting Windows and Microsoft Corporation word in the left panel. If everything is ready, click Apply button to apply and restart your PC.

For more details, please watch the video below


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